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PROGRAMINO Software for Arduino™
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The new Programino Version 2 contains over 1000 Adds, Changes and Fixes!

  • Faster build and upload process
  • New builder options verbose, warnings, Size, ...
  • More advanced settings
  • Improved IDE performance
  • Support all Arduino™ boards
  • Supports all Arduino™ libs
  • Serial inline-Debugger
  • Error tracker
  • Scrollable dropdown menue
  • New TAB menü
  • Movable TABs
  • TAB tooltip pathinfo
  • Open header file (libraries)
  • New Terminals (faster, ruler, send file, CR, LF, remember send msg, echo, signal LEDs, CTS/RTS button, send byte array, ...)
  • New analog Plotter (faster samplerate, 4 channels, AREF adj., change time display, measurement option, screenshots, ...)
  • Code tooltips
  • Mouse over tooltips
  • More and new code search functions
  • Programino Lab
  • Dynamic autocomplete (header, ino files parsing) multi ino-files support
  • Dynamic autocomplete show function parameter
  • Save All
  • Save all by verify or upload
  • Improved IDE styles and new style settings
  • New project explorer menue
  • Quicksearch
  • Search hints marker
  • Goto line info
  • Focus after reconnect (Terminal, Plotter, Lab)
  • Save bookmarks
  • Automatic code formatting
  • More website design functions for IoT
  • Web Bootsrap Helper
  • Webcode make to C Code function
  • Code snippets
  • Arduino™ Cheat sheet
  • Automatic main ino-file detection in projects with more files (you no longer have to select the main ino file to compile)

and many more ... Just try it out!

Programino IDE

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