New PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino™ is online

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New PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino™ is online

Programino IDE for Arduino
Published by UlliS in PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino™ · 28 October 2017
The new version is now available for download!


  • Fix: File load issue in file compare tool
  • Fix: Select issue in file compare tool
  • Fix: Compare merge and style issue in compare tool
  • Fix: License manager issues
  • Fix: Arduino™ output Msg issue (Ole32.dll etc.)
  • Fix: Export HEX-File folder and build path issue
  • Fix: //* Comment issue
  • Fix: CSS keyword clear issue
  • Fix: Hyperlink colour issue
  • Fix: Open hyperlink issue

  • Add: Smoother Cursor blinking by typing
  • Add: Suppress auto complete in strings “xxx”
  • Add: Faster TAB switching by big files
  • Add: Refresh after close settings
  • Add: 1 space by auto complete over space key
  • Add: Hyperlink detection in strings
  • Add: Better bracket highlighting
  • Add: Faster Web To PROGMEM

  • Change: Little bit faster TAB switching for large files
  • Change: Open hyperlink in text with double click
  • Change: Swap Rückgängig / Wiederholen

  • Remove: Arduino.exe auto detection

Programino for Arduino™ is a alternative IDE for the Arduino™ eco system.
Programino make it easy to program your code for Arduino™ boards and make cool thinks quickly.

Try it now!

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