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Programino Update

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The new version is available!


  • Fix: Tool read external IP (use
  • Fix: MainForm "Inherit" Hi DPI issue
  • Change: Multiinstance with open with Programino option
  • Change: Toolbar StatusStrip, (Autosize, Fix) change for Hi DPI Displays
  • Change: Remove Help/

          Have fun with coding :-)


          Elektrotechnik Forum EEWeb

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          Electronics Forum EEweb Germany

          EEWEb Germany is an electronics and electrical engineering online community with electronics forum and electrical engineering forum. It has electrical and electronic design articles, and resources in one place. Electronics and Electrical Engineering design articles and resources in the area of RF design, analog design, embedded design, PCB design, test and measure.

          New release V1.1.0.2 is online!

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          User-Friendly Comport-Names

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          PROGRAMINO has in the next release "User Friendly Comport-Names" with auto update and automatic connect detection.

          New functions for the next release

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          A new year and soon new functions for the PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino.

          Programino IDE advanced search function

          Today the advanced search has been finished. The new search will list all results on a table and the search results can be accessed directly by double-clicking in the table. Thereafter, then jumped on the file and the line containing the search term. The linemarker has now a red-box, i hope it looks cool :-)

          Furthermore, I'm working on an advanced analog plotter, UDP tool for Iot/Ethernet communication, digital oscilloscope, UART-Terminal functions such as storing the data and send messages via email, debugger and many other improvements.

          Thanks for your great support fans!

          Installer update from Version

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          A few users have experienced problems with the installer and the licensing system. I have revised the installer. Now the Arduino examples can be modified and compiled directly under Program Files (x86).

          If you had a problem with it, just load the program down again!

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