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NEW Version is online

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The new version is now available for download!


  • Fix: NodeMCU Hardware-Reset Terminal issue
  • Add: Menu Help -> Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • Add: High DPI support
  • Change: License Form
  • Update: Terms of Use

          Programino make it easy to program your code for Arduino boards and make cool thinks quickly.

          Try it now!

          PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino

          The new release is now online!

          • Add: Faster program start
          • Add: Arduino.exe not found by program start, opening now the settings automatically
          • Add: Path info after installing a ZIP library
          • Add: Sizable Grid for Terminals
          • Add: Remove Minimap after close the last editor

          • Fix: Terminal serial.write values higher 127 issue -> Encoding.GetEncoding(28591)
          • Fix: Plotter RAW/Volt change Issue
          • Fix: Not bookmark is in the list, jump issue to line 0
          • Fix: Flicker show-/ hide Minimap

          • Change: Minmap scale to 20%
          • Change: Terminal minimum size
          • Change: Terminal startup size

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