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PROGRAMINO Software for Arduino™

Hello PROGRAMINO friend!
Download now a new Version of PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino ( beta).

I spent a lot of time in the new version and I hope you like the new version.
PROGRAMINO needs your support to be known!

Tell your friends and share it in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ect.

Download Link:

Small Video about the new version:

Version  Beta (01.11.2016)


  • Add: Supress autocomplete in comments
  • Add: Setting -> support space for autocomplete
  • Add: File compare tool

  • Fix: User Board3 settings issue
  • Fix: User Boards delete textboxes
  • Fix: Goto line set focus in textbox issue
  • Fix: Translation issues
  • Fix: Faster multiline comments highlighting
  • Fix: Lower CPU usage by larger files
  • Fix: Mini-Map issue by TAB change over drop down menu
  • Fix: MEGA128/2560 pin issue (hardware viewer)

Have fun with the new version!

With best Regards,

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