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Programino IDE for Arduino

Hello PROGRAMINO friend!
Download now a new Version of PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino ( beta).

I spent a lot of time in the new version and I hope you like the new version.
PROGRAMINO needs your support to be known!

Tell your friends and share it in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ect.

Download Link:

Small Video about the new version:

Version  Beta (23.10.2016)

  • Add: Strings to Dynsyntax
  • Add: Strings to Object-Explorer "String functionA() { }"
  • Add: Line marker with arrow
  • Add: Terminal beep function [#BEEP#]
  • Add: Terminal execute function [#EXECUTE#filename#]
  • Add: My IP-Address tool
  • Add: IME mode settings for chinese & korean language
  • Add: Web code to PROGMEM function (generate PROGMEM[] string)
  • Add: PROGMEM to keywords and snippets
  • Add: Save and restore last open files
  • Add: Settings -> Open last open files
  • Add: Comports (IDE, Terminal and Plotter) auto-reconnect by upload to board
  • Add: Library manager
  • Add: Library ZIP-File installer
  • Add: Examples, MySketch explorer
  • Add: Open not supported files with the standard windows program
  • Add: Snippet "Serial.begin()"
  • Add: Auto-Hide option to output window (Arduino/Search/Notepad)
  • Add: Variable "extern" to object explorer
  • Add: Graphical "double buffer" for code window
  • Add: Shortcuts
  • Add: Menu "Show Shortcuts"
  • Add: File change marker in TAB
  • Add: File not saved marker
  • Add: Close File to file menu
  • Add: Refresh All (refresh editor and IDE)
  • Add: File Copy As ...
  • Add: File Save as PNG/JPG
  • Add: Frameless full screen
  • Add: Transparent UI
  • Add/Change: Export (RTF, HTML, JPG/PNG)
  • Add: Zoom Menu
  • Add: Show Toolbar
  • Add: Open in Web browser (web menu)
  • Add: File Property
  • Add: Document Map (mini-map)
  • Add: Save settings "Highlighting Current Line"
  • Add: View Menu "Highlighting Current Line"
  • Add: Colum info in statusbar
  • Add: Bookmark paint a "B" in the dot to find easier bookmarks
  • Add: Highlighting and dynsyntax keyword "Struct"
  • Add: Import library question (library copy)
  • Add: Goto Line ...
  • Add: Calculator tool
  • Add: Code folding to view menu (Fold All, Unfold All, Fold Selected)
  • Add: Context menu "Fold Selected"
  • Add: New Shortcut list (Deutsch, English)
  • Add: Settings -> Highlighting Same Words
  • Add: File Protection 256bit AES (Encrypt, Decrypt)
  • Add: Enfold code by object explorer jump to function
  • Add: Save debug window size (resize fix)
  • Add: Backspace clear TAB size (backspace TAB)
  • Add: Edit Menu -> Indent (Decrease, Increase, Reindent Line, Reindent Selection)
  • Add: File change watcher (background worker to monitor a file change in a other program)
  • Add: Plotter baudrate settings
  • Add: 2 other user boards (now 3 user boards)
  • Add: Settings -> Arduino own user library folder
  • Add: Settings -> Virtual Space
  • Add: Settings -> TAB Backspace
  • Add: Settings -> Auto Indent
  • Add: Search in libraries add to context menu
  • Add: Verify/Upload done message
  • Add: Character table to tools
  • Add: Autocomplete over space and enter
  • Add: Board option "Use Arduino IDE" for verify and upload (use now all installed Arduino boards)
  • Add: Arduino/Genuino MKR1000 board
  • Add: links to help menu
  • Add: 3rd party information to board info
  • Add: Goto bookmark shows now the same red marker and box
  • Add: Context menu for file TAB's (Close, Close All, Close All BUT This)
  • Add: Delete folder in Project-Explorer
  • Add: Build solution (Create "build folder with hex, elf, cpp ect.)

  • Fix: Show cmd in toolbar
  • Fix: Editor crash by file open without a open file/TAB
  • Fix: Editor crash by start without create new file
  • Fix: Load new settings
  • Fix: Arduino settings
  • Fix: Editor- and TAB- refresh
  • Fix: Add new file
  • Fix: Rebuild Object-Explorer
  • Fix: New sketch path problem
  • Fix: Highlight "Same Word Selection" work now in the complete code
  • Fix: Slow TAB change (editor refresh)
  • Fix: Tab close save issue (now close with question)
  • Fix: Board library refresh open PROGRAMINO without a new sketch
  • Fix: Object-Explorer refresh issue
  • Fix: Change splitter w/o file error
  • Fix: File open direct issue (Save, Yes, No Cancel)
  • Fix: Show help and form size issue
  • Fix: Red marker box issue by code folding
  • Fix: Commend selected and copy paste issue
  • Fix: PROGMEM and add snippet
  • Fix: Context menus file select issue

  • Change: Move notepad to output window
  • Change: Menu entry sketch to Arduino
  • Change: Project-Explorer icons to 32bit
  • Change: 3rd party examples tor "Plugin Examples"
  • Change: Reset IDE window to Ctrl + Shift + Q
  • Change: Open setting folder to Ctrl + Shift + W
  • Change: Misc menu entry
  • Change: View menu show in toolbar
  • Change: Default TAB space to 2
  • Change: Search "All Reference" to "Search in Project"

  • Remove: Settings "Highlight Changed Lines"
  • Remove: "Find Keyword" in menu

And many other fixes and small make up's!

Have fun with the new version!

With best Regards,

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