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Release Notes - PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino™

Version (27.05.2021)

  • First release of Version 2

Version (06.05.2021)

  • Fix: Compiler issue
  • Fix: small fixes

Version (22.07.2020)

  • Fix: License registration issue

Version (22.06.2020)

  • Fix: Tool/read external IP (use
  • Fix: MainForm "Inherit" Hi DPI issue
  • Change: Multiinstance with open with Programino option
  • Change: Toolbar StatusStrip, (Autosize, Fix) change for Hi DPI Displays
  • Change: Remove Help/

Version (23.06.2018)

  • Change: Programino use now .Net Framework 4.0

Version (23.06.2018)

  • Change: Programino can be manually adjusted again in the Windows program properties for Hi-DPI screens (DPI scaling).

Version (24.05.2018)

    • Fix: NodeMCU Hardware-Reset Terminal issue

    • Add: Menu Help -> Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribe
    • Add: High DPI support

    • Change: License Form

    • Update: Terms of Use

Version (10.04.2018)


    • Fix: Goto form alphabetical issue

    • Add: Arduino™ NANO with new/old bootloader
    • Add: Programino single instance. File open with and add file with new TAB

Version (25.10.2017)


    • Fix: File load issue in file compare tool
    • Fix: Select issue in file compare tool
    • Fix: Compare merge and style issue in compare tool
    • Fix: License manager issues
    • Fix: Arduino™ output Msg issue (Ole32.dll etc.)
    • Fix: Export HEX-File folder and build path issue
    • Fix: //* Comment issue
    • Fix: CSS keyword clear issue
    • Fix: Hyperlink colour issue
    • Fix: Open hyperlink issue

    • Add: Smoother Cursor blinking by typing
    • Add: Suppress auto complete in strings “xxx”
    • Add: Faster TAB switching by big files
    • Add: Refresh after close settings
    • Add: 1 space by auto complete over space key
    • Add: Hyperlink detection in strings
    • Add: Better bracket highlighting
    • Add: Faster Web To PROGMEM

    • Change: Little bit faster TAB switching for large files
    • Change: Open hyperlink in text with double click
    • Change: Swap Rückgängig / Wiederholen

    • Remove: Arduino.exe auto detection

Version (06.06.2017)


    • Add: New Controllino© hardware pathes and libs
    • Add: New Controllino© Maxi-Automation Hardware

    • Fix: Arduino.exe settings issue by path delete or change
    • Fix: Hardware Viewer Arduino Mega picture pin issue
    • Fix: Hardware Viewer Arduino Mega ADK picture pin issue
    • Fix: Hardware Viewer Arduino DUE picture pin issue

Version (23.04.2017)


    • Add: Faster program start
    • Add: Arduino.exe not found by program start, opening now the settings automatically
    • Add: Path info after installing a ZIP library
    • Add: Sizable Grid for Terminals
    • Add: Remove Minimap after close the last editor

    • Fix: Terminal serial.write values higher 127 issue -> Encoding.GetEncoding(28591)
    • Fix: Plotter RAW/Volt change Issue
    • Fix: Not bookmark is in the list, jump issue to line 0
    • Fix: Flicker show-/ hide Minimap

    • Change: Minmap scale to 20%
    • Change: Terminal minimum size
    • Change: Terminal startup size

Version (28.02.2017)


    • Add: Sizable Terminals
    • Add: French Language IDE
    • Add: Jump to next bookmark (file related)
    • Add: Clear all bookmarks  (file related)

    • Fix: Arduino IDE cancel error msg
    • Fix: Issue when editor is empty and create a new file

    • Change: Board and comport info position

Version (22.12.2016)


    • Add: Verify & Upload progress bar
    • Add: Verify & Upload without Arduino boot screen use arduino_debug.exe
    • Add: Lib installer, install info
    • Add: Goto dialog set focus to textbox
    • Add: Rooming folder to find keywords and examples (for Arduino IDE < 1.6.5)

    • Fix: UserBoards compiler.exe path issue
    • Fix: Settings Arduino.exe browse issue
    • Fix: Delete Explorer issue
    • Fix: Small things…

    • Change: Remove examples menu
    • Change: Form styles for better Win10 contrast

Version (14.12.2016)


    • Add: Terminals show BIN as 8 bit format
    • Add: Terminal log folder to explorer
    • Add: Set focus after upload to the last used terminal or plotter
    • Add: More infos for user dialogs
    • Add: Refresh to project explorer
    • Add: Refresh to Explorer
    • Add: Save to TAB menu
    • Add: Open file folder to project explorer
    • Add: Open file folder to explorer
    • Add: Arduino Project Hub link to help

    • Fix: Lib installer hang up
    • Fix: Backindent clear char issue
    • Fix: Create new sketsch loos editor highlighting
    • Fix: Plotter offset issue
    • Fix: Other small plotter issues
    • Fix: Info text literal issues
    • Fix: Upload, Verify issue with user boards
    • Fix: User template issue

    • Change: Autocomplete menu open faster
    • Change: Terminal log folder is now stored in "User Documents"
    • Change: "Examples Explorer" to "Explorer"
    • Change: Plotter maximum unit char limited to 5 char
    • Change: File compare tool startup size
    • Change: New software icon

    • Misc: Reworked examples
    • Misc: Small IDE style changes

Version  Beta (01.11.2016)


    • Add: Supress autocomplete in comments
    • Add: Setting -> Support Space for Autocomplete
    • Add: File compare tool

    • Fix: User Board3 settings issue
    • Fix: User Boards delete textboxes
    • Fix: Goto line set focus in textbox issue
    • Fix: Translation issues
    • Fix: Faster multiline comments highlighting
    • Fix: Lower CPU usage by larger files
    • Fix: Mini-Map issue by TAB change over drop down menu
    • Fix: MEGA128/2560 pin issue (Hardware Viewer)

Version  Beta (23.10.2016)


    • Add: Strings to Dynsyntax
    • Add: Strings to Object-Explorer "String functionA() { }"
    • Add: Line marker with arrow
    • Add: Terminal beep function [#BEEP#]
    • Add: Terminal execute function [#EXECUTE#filename#]
    • Add: My IP-Address tool
    • Add: IME mode settings for Chinese & Korean language
    • Add: Web code to PROGMEM function (generate PROGMEM[] string)
    • Add: PROGMEM to keywords and snippets
    • Add: Save and restore last open files
    • Add: Settings -> Open last open files
    • Add: Comports (IDE, Terminal and Plotter) auto-reconnect by upload to board
    • Add: Library manager
    • Add: Library ZIP-File installer
    • Add: Examples, MySketch explorer
    • Add: Open not supported files with the standard windows program
    • Add: Snippet "Serial.begin()"
    • Add: Auto-Hide option to Output-Window (Arduino/Search/Notepad)
    • Add: Variable "extern" to Object-Explorer
    • Add: Graphical "Double Buffer" for PROGRAMINO
    • Add: Shortcuts
    • Add: Menu "Show Shortcuts"
    • Add: File change marker in TAB
    • Add: File not saved marker
    • Add: Close File to File Menu
    • Add: Refresh All (refresh Editor and IDE)
    • Add: File Copy As ...
    • Add: File Save as PNG/JPG
    • Add: Frameless full screen
    • Add: Transparent UI
    • Add/Change: Export (RTF, HTML, JPG/PNG)
    • Add: Zoom Menu
    • Add: Show Toolbar
    • Add: Open in Web browser (Web Menu)
    • Add: File Property
    • Add: Document Map (Mini Map)
    • Add: Save settings "Highlighting Current Line"
    • Add: View Menu Highlighting Current Line
    • Add: Colum Info in Statusbar
    • Add: Bookmark paint a "B" in the dot to find easier bookmarks
    • Add: Highlighting and Dynsyntax keyword "Struct"
    • Add: Import Library question (Lib copy)
    • Add: Goto Line ...
    • Add: Calculator tool
    • Add: Code folding to view menu (Fold All, Unfold All, Fold Selected)
    • Add: Context menu "Fold Selected"
    • Add: New Shortcut list (Deutsch, English)
    • Add: Settings Highlighting Same Words
    • Add: File Protection 256bit AES (Encrypt, Decrypt)
    • Add: Enfold code by object explorer jump to function
    • Add: Save Debug-Window Size (resize fix)
    • Add: Backspace Clear Tab size (Backspace TAB)
    • Add: Edit Menu -> Indent (Decrease, Increase, Reindent Line, Reindent Selection)
    • Add: File Change Watcher (background worker to monitor a file change in a other program)
    • Add: Plotter baudrate settings
    • Add: 2 other user boards (now 3 user boards)
    • Add: Settings -> Arduino own user library folder
    • Add: Settings -> Virtual Space
    • Add: Settings -> TAB Backspace
    • Add: Settings -> Auto Indent
    • Add: Search in Libraries add to Context menu
    • Add: Verify/Upload Done message
    • Add: Character table to tools
    • Add: Autocomplete over Space and Enter
    • Add: Board option "Use Arduino IDE" for verify and upload (use now all installed Arduino boards)
    • Add: Arduino/Genuino MKR1000 board
    • Add: links to help menu
    • Add: 3rd party information to board info
    • Add: Goto Bookmark shows now the same red marker and box
    • Add: Context menu for file TAB's (Close, Close All, Close All BUT This)
    • Add: Delete folder in Project-Explorer
    • Add: Build Solution (Create "Build Folder with hex, elf, cpp ect.)

    • Fix: Show cmd in toolbar
    • Fix: Editor crash by file open without a open file/tab
    • Fix: Editor crash by start without create new file
    • Fix: Load new settings
    • Fix: Arduino settings
    • Fix: Editor- and Tab- refresh
    • Fix: Add new file
    • Fix: Rebuild Object-Explorer
    • Fix: New Sketch path problem
    • Fix: Highlight "Same Word Selection" work now in the complete code
    • Fix: Slow Tab change (Editor refresh)
    • Fix: Tab close save issue (now close with question)
    • Fix: Board library refresh open PROGRAMINO without a new Sketch
    • Fix: Object-Explorer refresh issue
    • Fix: Change Splitter w/o file error
    • Fix: File open direct issue (Save, Yes, No Cancel)
    • Fix: Show Help and form size issue
    • Fix: Red marker box issue by code folding
    • Fix: Commend selected and copy paste issue
    • Fix: PROGMEM and add Snippet
    • Fix: Context menus File select issue

    • Change: Move Notepad to output window
    • Change: Menu entry Sketch to Arduino
    • Change: Project-Explorer icons to 32bit
    • Change: Remove "Find Keyword" in Menu
    • Change: 3rd party examples tor "Plugin Examples"
    • Change: Reset IDE Window to Ctrl + Shift + Q
    • Change: Open Setting Folder to Ctrl + Shift + W
    • Change: Misc Menu entry
    • Change: View Menu Show in Toolbar
    • Change: Default TAB space to 2
    • Change: Search All Reference to Search in Project

    • Remove: Settings "Highlight Changed Lines"

Version (28.05.2016)


    • Clear terminal buffer by connect to board
    • Lock editor by save and open file
    • Hardware Viewer changes the selected board
    • Add Arduino Due programming port and native USB port
    • Multi ino-file support
    • Add all supported files as default by file open
    • Add libraries import to sketch folder option (libraries file copy)
    • Add older Arduino pde format to create new file
    • Add shortcuts to project explorer (Delete File "Del", Refresh "F5")
    • IDE support (V 1.7.10)
    • Add mouse selected text to reference search function (selected or mouse over keyword)
    • Add windows PowerShell to tools
    • Fix: Reference search path issue
    • Fix: New file dialog issue
    • Fix: Arduino DUE issue
    • Fix: File open default sketch name
    • Fix: Plotter issues
    • Fix : Output window show by hide Programino issue
    • Fix: Terminal and comport bug
    • Change: Output window change to ANSI text
    • Change: Verify and upload timeout extended
    • Misc internal things...

Version (24.05.2016)


  • Internal beta

Version (29.03.2016)


    • Internal beta

Version (19.03.2016)


    • Language save issue fixed
    • User friendly comport issue fixed
    • Add Adafruite scheme
    • Steal blue brackets style
    • Add line break info

Version (13.03.2016)


    • Editor update improves
    • Misc editor improves
    • Terminal improves
    • Brackets <xxx> for header files improved
    • Arduino export now opens without Sketch only the Arduino IDE
    • Settings margin default off
    • Added Arduino scheme
    • Dynamic auto complete now recognizes all words and variables
    • Dynanic syntax highlighting lists only declarations
    • Dynamic syntax and auto complete refresh only when pressed enter
    • Remove "auto indent selected text" from the context menu
    • Added add/remove bookmark to context menu
    • Improved open editor settings
    • Customize menu colors (scheme)

Version (28.02.2016)


    • Code-sign certificated
    • Add Arduino/Genuio Zero (with verify & upload)
    • Add Arduino/Genuino 101 (with verify & upload)
    • Enabled editor output (Arduino messages) word wrap
    • Automatic libraries update (Arduino board manager)
    • Automatic keyword update (Arduino board manager)
    • Disabled auto complete brackets (settings)
    • Add pathes to Arduino IDE board manager samples
    • Add ATmega1280
    • Add eHajo Gscheiduino M328P
    • Add user defined board (individual board)
    • Improved indication of the arduino.exe
    • Auto complete issues fixed
    • Add more HTML auto complete keywords
    • Add current line info
    • Arduino verify and verify/upload work now in a separate thread (faster)
    • Arduino verify and verify/upload issue fixed
    • New line markers with frame
    • Add advanced search (right mouse click: Search All References)
    • New PROGRAMIO program icon
    • Highlighting box installed for object explorer
    • StandardOut improved error and timeout added (now also works with special names)
    • Automatic comport refresh (USB Event)
    • User friendly comport names
    • Comport you can deduct now when it is open without error
    • Plotter improved (communication) terminals extended (Save, Comport communication, RxD LED, Colors, Line Numbers, Auto Scroll, info)
    • Add terminal commands [#HOME#], [#CLEAR#], [#END#], [#SAVE#filename#]
    • Open terminal (Log-Folder)
    • Save terminal data
    • Last workspace issue fixed
    • Add zoom to 100% context menu, edit menu
    • Keyword[] issue fixed
    • Open Lib-Examples (open folder)
    • Zoom hardware description viewer
    • New font styte for hardware-viewer
    • Revised hardware description
    • Auto indent pattern issue [] fixed
    • Add RGB-LED color selector
    • Windows open file with this program (PROGRAMINO.exe)
    • Copy complete project to ...
    • Save msg befor verify & upload default off
    • Splitter save issue fixed
    • Add PROGRAMINO Demo-Sketches
    • Add hotkey info
    • Save and Save As... issue fixed
    • Add new plotter features (offset, zoom, time measurement ect.)
    • Colors of the text boxes on editor colors adjusted (settings)
    • Add force auto complete menu in settings (CTRL + SPACE)
    • Auto complete popup issue fixed
    • Setting project explorer treeview Icons (on/off)
    • Add to user templates %DATE% and %TIME%
    • Automatic detect of Arduino.exe when it was installed in the program folder (x86)
    • Manually change the Arduino paths issue fixed
    • Fixed incorrect Arduino.exe issue
    • Marker dots issue fixed
    • Editor size, position reset and maximize with (CTRL + Q)
    • Editor startup issue fixed
    • New license system
    • Misc. other small issues fixed


    • PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino first release
    • Date 21/12/2015 - Update the installer issue

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