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Now we set the most important settings
  • Open the "Editor Settings".

Select the Path to the Arduino™ IDE
  • Browse to your Arduino IDE install folder and select the "arduino.exe" file.
  • The other paths are automatically completed.
  • If these are not completed automatically, then choose the folder manually with "Browse".
  • Under "My sketchbook location" you can select your own desired folder, where you store your Arduino sketches.

  • Use the Arduino IDE libraries folder in this case (recommended).
  • You have own Libs, copy the Libs into the Arduino Standard folder or read the manual How to install libraries.

PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino uses the command line functionality in the new Arduino IDE version 1.6.x software to compile and upload sketches (the best way for 100% Arduino™ compatibility). To connect to your Arduino you will need to install Arduino 1.6.x and tell PROGRAMINO where it is installed (Options\Editor Settings -> Arduino).

Arduino 1.8.2 Download (is required to verify and upload Arduino programs).

Do not use the verbose output in the Arduino IDE!!!

(Arduino IDE preferences)

That was all for now!

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